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VMI Tablet Inspector

The VMI Tablet Inspector is crucial for patient safety as it inspects the content of each individual pouch, to make sure that the pouch contains exactly what is prescribed. With its unique features, the VMI Tablet Inspector enables you to deliver the safest possible medication to your patients and it saves you a significant amount of time. The combination of a large tele centric lens, 14 parameters and intelligent software result in the lowest possible error-rates.

Product highlights

  • Unique visualization software for state-of–the-art performance
  • Easy to operate machine with a small footprint


The Tablet Inspector receives all the information for inspection from the software database, which interfaces with your PMR system. This information contains the prescription data and the data of the 3D packaging machine and tells which tablets should be in which pouch. The Tablet inspector compares this data with the image taken of the content of each pouch.

Should tablets lay tilted, this will be recognized and the pouch will then be shaken to reposition the tablets before the image is taken. When the content of a pouch differs from the prescription or if the system is not able to see a tablet clearly, these pouches are marked in their barcode for further inspection and handling.

After inspection, the pouches are rolled up by the pouch roll spooler for further handling.

The user-friendly software interface gives you full insight into such details as the reasons for rejection and other performance statistics. Management reports allow you to optimize and fine-tune your process. All images of the individual pouches are permanently stored in a central database for easy retrieval when needed, by for example, your customer or your patient.

VMI Tablet Inspector
VMI Tablet Inspector

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