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VMI EDGIQ steel belt cutter

The VMI EDGIQ steel belt cutter is a revolutionary cutting and splicing system producing high quality steel belt and chafer material for radial passenger tires. The system has an unprecedented daily production output, while at the same time gives you full flexibility in your production process.

The EDGIQ can optionally be fitted with automatic change-over windups and let-offs to minimize down time for stock roll changes. Integrated inspection systems allow for superb quality monitoring and control.

Incorporating VMI’s MAXX technology, the EDGIQ, in its most automated configuration, is optimally suited for hands-off, eyes-off production. With only one operator, a daily production of 70 km first class quality steel belt can be achieved, depending of course on a number of influencing factors.

Product highlights

  • Unrivalled capacity and quality
  • Full flexibility in production
  • Precise and clean cutting


The basic EDGIQ configuration consists of several modules. Optionally the system can be extended with a steel belt slitter, cushion/gum strip applicators or a by-pass conveyor.

The stock material is supplied from a shuttle let-off that is placed on a single loading position in front of the infeed. The leading end of a new stock roll is automatically spliced to the trailing end of the previous stock roll. End-of-spool and liner break are automatically detected. A second loading position with automatic changeover can optionally be added, considerably reducing stock roll change-over time.

The pick & place feeding system features a magnetic pull-through system ensuring a fast and accurate feeding of the material, pulling it to the correct position prior to cutting. The width and angle movements are servo controlled, enabling quick change-overs.

After the stock material is loaded, the material is cut by a disc and bar cutter. The unique knife design and the variable cutting stroke guarantees a quick cycle time. The pneumatic controlled cutting force principle creates an excellent smooth cut result.

The cut steel belts are accurately pre-positioned by the pick & place system on a continuous conveyor belt. The VMI PIXXEL camera system controls the positioning of the splice, making sure that the trailing end is exactly positioned against the leading end of the following steel belt. The automatic belt splicer precisely splices the materials without generating any stretch or lengthening of the produced steel belt. Because there are no conveyor belt transfers or drops between cutter and splicer, the VMI EDGIQ always remains in full control of the material. This ensures a top quality end product.

The produced steel belts are wound-up in a dual shuttle or tandem wind-up. The liner is under constant tension by means of an electromagnetic brake. The VMI PIXXEL camera system monitors and analyses the width of the belt, giving the operator a real-time overview of the width and trend. The data is also made available for factory level MES systems.

The user friendly and intuitive VMI CORTEXX HMI gives the operator full control over the production process.

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