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VMI Basic Instruction

VMI Basic training

The VMI Basic Instruction is an indispensable part of the installation and commissioning phase. Without it, you will not be able to operate the machine to its full potential. The Basic Instruction covers everything that the operators, mechanical and electrical & software personnel should know or do during the first year of operation with the machine. Topics discussed during the instruction include procedures and best practices on how to operate and maintain the machine safely. Each participant will receive a certificate of participation and will be registered to be allowed to continue and follow the VMI Advanced Training.

Product highlights

  • Safe operation of the machine
  • Hands on training so that acquired knowledge can immediately be put to practice in your facility
  • Personnel ready to follow the VMI Advanced training


Basic Instruction is given during the installation and commissioning phase of a machine. The instruction is given by one of VMI’s experienced installation or commissioning engineers. Usually the instruction takes place at the customer site, at the machine itself, so that procedures can be shown and explained instantly. The Basic Instruction generally takes up three days in which several subjects will be handled.

Some of the learning objectives of the instruction are:

  • General operation principles
  • Settings on the HMI
  • Maintenance
  • Machine settings
  • Aligning and calibrating of modules/parts