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VMI 3D packaging machine

The VMI 3D packaging machine produces daily dose pouch packs and can be seen as the heart of VMI’s automated packaging solution. The machine is easy to operate and allows for a quick refill of consumables. The machine has canisters for fast-moving items and a tray for slow-moving items and half-tablets. The number of canisters can easily be increased by adding a top unit. The VMI 3D packaging machine is able to produce up to 60 pouches per minute, depending on a number of criteria. This number however depends on a number of criteria, which we are happy to discuss with you.

VMI’s software enables you to produce as efficiently as possible and to avoid downtime as much as possible. It shows the operator in advance which actions should be performed and when. The software also generates management reports and production statistics. These features and reports support you to optimize your processes.

Product highlights

  • Easy to operate
  • Quick refill of consumables
  • Very accurate canisters
  • Intelligent designed heat seal unit


The VMI 3D packaging machine consists of three sections: the canisters are stored in drawers in the upper part of the machine. In the middle is a drawer for trays, which are most commonly used for half tablets and all other tablets that are not being packaged via canisters. Below the Lower Packing Unit (LPU) is situated, where the pouches are being produced.

Usually, information about the production of Prescriptions is received the day before they are packaged. Once the required information has been uploaded into the system, the VMI software indicates which canisters are required for that production run, how many trays are needed and how to fill them. It will also provide information on the exact amount of refills and when they will be needed.

After the pouches have been filled, they are sealed. The Lower Packing Unit has a unique feature for sealing the pouches, reducing the high temperature around the pouches as much as possible. The pouches have both an opaque and a transparent side. The information is printed on the opaque side so that it can easily be read. The transparent side ensures a simple check of the content of the pouch. The pouches are rolled-up on a reel for inspection.

VMI 3D packaging machine
VMI 3D packaging machine

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