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VMI Group - Technology meets success

VMI 240 series tire building machine

Tried and true classics, the VMI 240 series of tire building machines, see their heritage going back to VMI’s very first single stage tire building machines. Over the decades, they have evolved and matured to absolute perfection, resulting in outstanding and reliable machinery, known and appreciated around the world.

The 240 series can handle tire rim diameters of 12-20” with minimal operator involvement. Its modular set-up allows for optimum adaptation to a wide range of tire designs and building methods and for easy and fast size changes.

Product highlights

  • Customized solutions
  • High application accuracy
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Proven technology


The basic system comprises several modules. The tire assembly machine is the front end of the machine where the tire is assembled in two parallel processes. Independently a breaker/cap strip/tread package is assembled on a belt & tread drum and a pre-assembly/body ply/bead apex package is built and shaped on a carcass drum.

The bead apexes are manually placed into the bead loader and automatically transferred to the bead setter device. The automatic breaker servicer automatically supplies two separate steel cord breakers measured and cut to length, for accurate application onto the belt & tread building drum.

The automatic carcass component servicer applies the carcass components onto the carcass drum. It accommodates cartridge type unwinding stations for innerliner, sidewalls and for body ply and associated liner wind-up positions.

Both drums are perfectly aligned, to allow for highly accurate assembly of the belt & tread package with the carcass by the transfer ring.

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