VMI Group - Technology meets success
VMI Group - Technology meets success
12 February 2021

VMI wins significant lawsuit against Safe-Run

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In the ongoing legal dispute between VMI Holland B.V. (“VMI”) and Safe-Run Intelligent Equipment Shares Ltd. Co. (“Safe-Run”) on IP infringement and patent hijacking, VMI has won a significant lawsuit, confirming the malicious intent of Safe-Run.

On April 22, 2019, VMI filed a lawsuit against Safe-Run claiming that Safe-Run has abused the Intellectual Property system and the legal system in China (Abuse of Court). The civil Abuse of Court case was filed at the Suzhou Intermediate People’s Court in Jiangsu Province.

The court issued a positive verdict ruling that Safe-Run knowingly filed and obtained patents on technology which was already developed by VMI and others and then maliciously used these patents in the legal fight against VMI.

Due to the fact that the patent was filed and asserted with malicious intent by Safe-Run, a compensation for the losses of VMI has been awarded. Harm Voortman: “This verdict reinforces our faith in the Chinese legal system. We await the outcome of the other ongoing lawsuits with great confidence. The compensation will be donated to charity.”