VMI Group - Technology meets success
VMI Group - Technology meets success
21 March 2023

VMI launches VMI UNIXX Belt Maker, a game-changer in steel belt making

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At the Tire Technology Expo 2023, VMI launched its new VMI UNIXX Belt Maker. The VMI UNIXX Belt Maker produces high quality endless steel belts by means of an innovative and accurately controlled extrusion process that can handle a wide range of compounds.

The system is optimally suited for hands-off, eyes-off production. Scrap and waste from angle- and compound changes are reduced because of the limited width of the extruded strip. Next to this, the automated and accurately controlled process produces a consistent high quality belt.

The highly efficient extrusion and cutting process, reduced waste and scrap, lower energy consumption and minimum operator involvement, result in a lower overall cost per produced square meter steel belt compared to the conventional belt making process.

The VMI UNIXX Belt Maker allows for the production of thinner belts to reduce tire weight and rolling resistance without compromising tire performance, contributing to a lower fuel consumption and CO2 emission levels.

The VMI UNIXX Belt Maker gives our customers the following advantages:
▪ Ultimate flexibility
▪ High quality steel belt
▪ Low environmental impact
▪ Reduced operating costs

UNIXX technology
The VMI UNIXX Belt Maker is part of the VMI UNIXX technology platform, a development program for integrated tire building that will add value to existing process by simplifying, reducing energy resources and energy use and improving quality. Allowing our customers to become more flexible, be able to build even more specialized tires and to make the tire building industry future fit.