VMI Group - Technology meets success
VMI Group - Technology meets success
27 January 2016

VMI launches the VMI MILEXX … a new dawn for truck tire building

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Following the success of the legendary VAST family, VMI launches its new truck tire building machine at the Tire Technology Expo 2016: named MILEXX. MILEXX is an innovative platform which resulted from a 3 year development project including comprehensive field testing. With a capacity close to 700 tires per day, the machine is able to achieve production and quality levels unparalleled in the industry.

The MILEXX is developed in line with VMI MAXX technology® principles and features several unique technical innovations. For example, the automatic Clip-Bar® for advanced material clamping enables hands-off application of innerliner and sidewall. VMI’s proprietary vision technology is incorporated by several camera monitoring applications. This all results in reduced operator influences and guarantees an improved tire quality. With highly advanced and reliable stitching capabilities, the machine is very flexible and can be configured to customer specific requirements.

Extensive field tests carried out over the last year have proven the new technology works reliably. VMI is therefore confident that this exciting new product will meet the stringent requirements of the truck tire market right from the start. Demonstrations of a MILEXX can be arranged upon request.

The mission of VMI is to help its customers to become more competitive in their markets and more profitable. MILEXX will be an important addition to the VMI product portfolio.

A new dawn in truck tire building