VMI Group - Technology meets success
VMI Group - Technology meets success
26 October 2020

VMI 75 years

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2020 marks VMI’s 75th anniversary. Our long-term success has been based on partnership: with customers, suppliers and, above all, our own people and their families. Though VMI has grown almost beyond recognition in 75 years, our guiding vision has never changed.

VMI was set up by Jan de Lange in 1945 with a clear and urgent purpose: to help rebuild a country devastated after 5 years of war. The company designed and delivered vital equipment, initially for Dutch national railways, then for a growing range of companies contributing to the economic growth that transformed Europe. VMI will always stay focused on strategic activities, sectors and industries that contribute to economic success and human wellbeing.

VMI has always made a positive contribution to its local community. Today, we are at home in China, Poland, Brazil, Germany, Malaysia, Thailand, Russia and the USA, as well as the Netherlands. In all these countries, cities and regions, we are supporting the community, fostering growth and prosperity, education and skills development, family and charitable activities, all backed by a real commitment to the places where we work.

VMI developed ingenious working methods from the very start, pioneering new technologies while always focusing on practical outcomes. Our goal, now as always, is to offer solutions that deliver real, measurable business benefit, with a path for long-term development. A dual focus on innovation and practical outcomes is deeply rooted in our heritage, leading us to deliver industry breakthroughs and achieve leadership in all our industry sectors.

VMI applies advanced technology to help our customers be successful. We are dedicated to your success, with all of our 1600 people around the world working to deliver precise solutions for your specific needs. The most important word in our vocabulary is Together. That means VMI and our customers, all the different teams across our business, employees and families, our experts and the external academic and industrial bodies we work with to develop fresh ideas. Together we make extraordinary things happen, which is why your success is our inspiration.