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1 May 2018

New vertical pallet lift for Batch-offs

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VMI adds its own vertical pallet lift with high handling capacity to its product portfolio for large Batch-offs, mainly for the tire industry.

Robust, highly automated and reliable
In tire industry mixing rooms, master batch rubber compounds often need to be transported again to the higher-level mixer. Or, in some cases, all loaded pallets of rubber must be moved to a higher floor. All the classic solutions, such as using a hugger belt and a second stacking unit on the mixer floor or a freight elevator to lift the pallets, have proved to be either too complicated or too cumbersome and laborious. A suitable industrial solution isn’t available either. Therefore, VMI now offers a pallet lift that is just as robust and reliable as the renowned, heavy-duty VMI pallet conveyors. An important design requirement was that the lift and the linked conveyor system must be able to transport a 2,000 kg pallet to the mixer level in less than a minute. This means that this lift can “simultaneously” process pallets from multiple mixing lines.