VMI Group - Technology meets success
VMI Group - Technology meets success
31 July 2017

Major patents of VMI upheld in China

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VMI is pleased to announce that major invention patents related to tire building technology are upheld in China. These patents were challenged by Safe-Run as their defense in the ongoing legal dispute, in which VMI is suing Safe-Run for infringement of VMI’s protected IP.

The Patent Re-examination Board ruled recently that the challenged patents remain valid in China.

To VMI’s surprise some other challenged patents were invalidated. VMI will appeal and is convinced that a higher court will recognize the validity of these other patents, which were granted and upheld in many other important countries, and overturn that element of the Patent Re-examination Board’s decision.

Harm Voortman, CEO of VMI Group: “This decision further strengthens our position in the legal dispute with Safe-Run and reaffirms our confidence in the Chinese legal system.”