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21 March 2018

VMI at Tires & Rubber show in Moscow

The teams of VMI Tire and VMI Rubber will join our Russian team again at the Tires & Rubber show in Moscow, Russia.

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8 February 2017

VMI introduces VMI PIXXEL

At the heart of VMI’s vision technology is a sophisticated system that effectively replaces the eyes of the operator, enabling complete hands-off and eyes-off production. In line with Industry 4.0, VMI continuously aims for greater connectivity, higher levels of automation and wider us of machine intelligence to drive speed, agility and production integration. That is why VMI now introduces VMI PIXXEL.

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27 January 2016

VMI launches the VMI MILEXX … a new dawn for truck tire building

Following the success of the legendary VAST family, VMI launches its new truck tire building machine at the Tire Technology Expo 2016: named MILEXX.

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12 February 2014

VMI wins the award for Tire Industry Supplier of the Year 2014

At the gala dinner of the Tire Technology Expo & Conference in Cologne on 11 February, 2014, the annual Awards for Innovation and Excellence were presented, this year for the sixth time. There are awards in five categories: Manufacturing Innovation, Environmental Achievement, Tire Technology, Tire Industry Supplier of the year and Tire Manufacturer of the year. A judging panel of more than twenty international tire industry experts gave their votes and determined the five winners.

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