VMI Group - Technology meets success
VMI Group - Technology meets success
8 February 2017

VMI introduces VMI PIXXEL

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At the heart of VMI’s vision technology is a sophisticated system that effectively replaces the eyes of the operator, enabling complete hands-off and eyes-off production. In line with Industry 4.0, VMI continuously aims for greater connectivity, higher levels of automation and wider us of machine intelligence to drive speed, agility and production integration. That is why VMI now introduces VMI PIXXEL.

VMI PIXXEL is a single, integrated platform containing its own logical and processing capabilities. The specific demands of high speed tire building required the ground breaking in-house development of this smart hardware platform. With VMI PIXXEL, the performance for both guidance and monitoring have been enhanced, and new levels of visualization have been introduced into the Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the operators. The result is both greater speed and accuracy in performance as well as much improved simplicity in operation and management, leading directly to better productivity.

VMI PIXXEL has the ability to interface and integrate with all systems, both hardware and software, around it, thus bringing Industry 4.0 to reality. Data obtained during the production process, can now also be exported as a way of improving quality assurance and for providing auditable data for use by tire manufacturer customers. With VMI PIXXEL, this data is instantly available for immediate quality reporting and analysis, giving the tire manufacturer a huge competitive advantage in the market.