VMI Group - Technology meets success
VMI Group - Technology meets success

An introduction to the VMI Management

VMI team members are passionate about their work, sharing a real feeling for high-tech quality, and work that satisfies our ambitions and makes our customers happy.


Global Executive Board

VMI Management - Harm Voortman
President & CEO

Harm Voortman

VMI Management - Arend Buter
Chief Financial Officer

Arend Buter

VMI Management - Mike Norman
Chief Commercial Officer

Mike Norman

Global Management Team

VMI Management - Jeroen Hofstra
Vice President Global Human Resources

Jeroen Hofstra

VMI Management - Gerry Pol
Sales Director Tire

Gerry Pol

VMI Management - Dirk Reurslag
Sales Director Industrial Solutions

Dirk Reurslag

VMI Management - Riaan Diener
Vice President Global Services

Riaan Diener

VMI Management - Jan Grashuis
Vice President Global R&D

Jan Grashuis

VMI Management - Bert Boer
Vice President Global Purchasing & Logistics

Bert Boer

VMI Management - Edwin van der Veen
Vice President Sales Operations

Edwin van der Veen

VMI Management - Jouke de Boer
Vice President Global ICT

Jouke de Boer

VMI Management - Jan Hendriks
Vice President Global Production

Jan Hendriks

VMI Management - Henk IJzerman
Vice President Global Operations Control

Henk IJzerman

Group Controller

Siebren Kooistra

Managers VMI facilities

Magdalena Sadowska
General Manager VMI Poland

Magdalena Sadowska

VMI Management - Henk IJzerman

Henk IJzerman

Chen Xing Chunjing
General Manager VMI Yantai

Chen Xing Chunjing