VMI Group - Technology meets success
VMI Group - Technology meets success


VMI is always open to requests for internships, from students of all educational levels.

Are you willing to create your own future? Then VMI is your employer. Training opportunities are an important part of VMI’s effort to keep its employees continuously challenged to stay on top of technological advances. Together with international travel, direct interaction with our customers and inspiration from colleagues and an ever-changing marketplace you develop your talents and expand your world. Or start your career already as a student.

VMI offers opportunities for students at all levels.

Work/study courses (BBL2)

Learn by doing at VMI. We offer work/study programs for motivated students with a secondary vocational education (VMBO) certificate (with math). And because your course is at VMI, you’ll also gain valuable experience in an international, high-tech environment. Courses are held in cooperation with the Techniek Academie in Harderwijk, the Netherlands as well as the metal training center, OBM Zwolle (ROC Deltion).

  • Mechatronics Engineering Learn how to assemble, install and adjust pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical parts with precision.
  • Industrial Electrical Engineering Using drawings and diagrams, you learn about the connections that power all types of VMI machines. Including motors, sensors, cameras and valves.
  • Metal Working Includes sawing, punching, drilling, setting and welding.

Internships, graduation and minors

Searching for gaining practical experience? VMI is always open to requests for internships, from students of all educational levels. We also have a long tradition of working with vocational (MBO) and college/university (HBO) students on their graduation projects. All projects are subject to approval, and should be in line with our training programs and the availability of supervisors. Students can also request to do their minor at VMI.

Practical assignments for schools

Our business lines are eager to assist in training a new generation of skilled men and women in fields that include:

  • Production – welding complete constructions, and assembly of state-of-the-art machinery
  • Engineering – design/construction of extremely complex machines; programming/testing in Epe (or abroad)
  • Business lines – professional support of all business lines, including R&D


BOOST Talent program

August 2017 VMI started a two years education program especially designed by and for VMI engineers. It offers participants both individual and group sessions in which to expand their technical expertise, further their personal development and increase their knowledge of VMI’s technology, strategy and organization.

Software engineer work/training program

October 2018 VMI started a work/training program that will last approximately one year in total, with a two-pronged approach (60% theory and 40% practice) and the possibility to start at our location in Epe in February 2019. We will offer you a contract for one year when you start, with the prospect of a permanent job at VMI.

VMI will invest in your part-time Mechatronics study program in collaboration with Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede. Each completed module gains you a generally recognized, bachelor-level certificate. In addition, you will attend VMI internal training courses and familiarize yourself with our work methods.


Upon request, we offer students a complete group tour of VMI’s facilities, beginning with a full company presentation and technical videos. Feel free to contact us at hr@vmi-group.com if your school is interested.


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VMI Factory Tour
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