June 29th, 2015

VMI Wins “Best Performing Company in TKH Group, 2014” Award


VMI Holland BV has again won the “Best Performing Company in TKH Group” award. TKH Group NV, VMI’s parent corporation, annually selects one of its subsidiaries to receive the award, based on that subsidiary’s outstanding performance. VMI won the award for 2014 not only due to its financial results, but also due to three other key indicators of performance: innovativeness, entrepreneurship and excellence in production improvements.

VMI’s excellent performance in 2014 was the outcome of many improvements achieved throughout VMI Group’s global organization. But more than anything else, the award confirms and honors the excellent work being done by all VMIers worldwide.

VMI has won this award three times in the past five years. VMI’s global customers have high expectations and make ever-higher demands, so it is noteworthy that VMI has been able to win this award so often. The high expectations for VMI foster continuing high levels of excellence and innovation. VMI Group is thinking forward with a confidence secured by its current success and anchored on the professionalism, enthusiasm and commitment of the global team of VMIers.


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