March 25th, 2014

VMI Group Announces Major Expansions

VMI Group today announced major expansions to be completed in 2014. In Epe, a new factory building will be constructed, and current buildings will be restructured to enhance lean production. A new R&D and Engineering office will be built. In China, VMI is working with authorities to expand its facilities there. The expansions reflect strongly increased turnover at VMI.

“These developments are testament to VMI’s long history of expertise, innovation and success,” said Harm Voortman, President & CEO. “Our ongoing efforts to stay ahead of the competition have inspired us to develop and build the best-performing machines in the world. The expansions attest to our long-term commitment to meeting the demands of our customers, and will allow us to raise the bar for our customers even higher.”

 The new factory building will add 4200 square meters of assembly floor space, and the new R&D and Engineering office will add workspace for 150 to 200 engineers. As well, a new parking lot is being built in Epe to hold 375 additional cars. The municipality of Epe has welcomed the expansions and the economic growth they will generate.



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