June 10th, 2013

VMI does 5xbetter Roadshow


On Monday June 3rd, VMI – the “Strong as Steel” company in 2012 – hosted the 5xbetter Roadshow. The “Safety and Health at Work” week was the occasion for the 5xbetter Roadshow’s visit to VMI. 5xbetter takes the Roadshow throughout the Netherlands to show that the metalworking industry is very strong in matters of safety and health at work! At the companies, the Roadshow truck transforms into an open podium with a program of workshops and presentations.

Lean and structured work
“For us, safety and a healthy working environment are the foundation of our company’s continuity. Through lean and structured work (5S), we can meet future challenges and attain a sound economic position – safely. We are delighted that the efforts we have made in this area are recognized by 5xbetter and have been rewarded with this prize,” President & CEO Voortman responded when VMI received the “Strong as Steel Company 2012” prize last December.

VMI again stressed the importance of this week’s theme by accepting 5xbetter’s invitation to join in its Roadshow on June 3rd. VMI saw this as a great opportunity to highlight safety and health at work with its employees and invited guests. The program in and around the Roadshow truck consisted of two parts. In the morning, guests were received. VMI showed its guests how the theme of safety and health at work is implemented within the company. The guests were then offered a short tour of the company. In the afternoon, it was the turn of VMI’s own employees. By means of a Quiz, employees were tested on their knowledge of the topic. Both parts of the day were well attended and are seen as a good investment in raising awareness in this area.

“Strong as steel for safety at work” is the joint project of employers’ organizations and trade unions in the metal industry to improve working conditions. The Improvement Coaches of 5xbetter give free and independent advice on safety and health in metalworking. They offer practical aids on the topics of welding smoke, machine safety, harmful noise, solvents and newcomers in metalworking. In the spring of 2013, aids are also being made available for dealing with physical stress.





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