FLEXX® Belt Maker


Endless possibilities with just one machine

Ultra-high quality belt making by extrusion – all in one step with just one VMI machine. The compact VMI FLEXX Belt Maker incorporates steel cord and extruded rubber compound into endless belt on spools – ready for use in the tire building machine. “Just in time”, so you reduce intermediate storage and avoid aging stock material.

We integrated key technological breakthroughs, including:

  • VMI’s advanced gear pump extrusion technology
  • Servo controlled placement conveyor
  • Contactless tungsten carbide knives for accurate cutting
  • VMI Vision system to check the splice quality

This results in unparalleled splice precision, stable and accurate reinforced strips, a high level of control and flexibility – and time and cost savings. The FLEXX Belt Maker is the optimal way to increase belt production capacity in small, or more economical increments.

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