EDGIQ® Belt Cutter


With the highest daily production output on the market, our revolutionary cutting and splicing system, EDGIQ, produces quality steel belt and chafer material for radial passenger and truck tires. With unprecedented speed and unmatched Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

  • Disk & bar cutting action
  • Also suitable for ultra thin belt material
  • Servo controlled cutting force
  • Reduced blade wear and set-up time
  • Material transfer, cutting and splicing in one smooth movement
  • Active camera control
  • Best Cpk values possible
  • Slitter and gum strip applicator optionally available.

EDGIQ’s pull-through feeding and direct splicing combines high-quality action with the fastest speeds on the market. To minimize down time for stock roll changes, we advise to execute the EDGIQ with auto changeover wind-ups and auto changeover let-offs.


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