A new dawn for truck tire building

MILEXX is an innovative platform which resulted from a 3 year development project. The MILEXX is developed in line with VMI MAXX technology® principles and features several unique technical innovations. This results in less operator interference, a higher automation level and an improved tire quality. This will of course allow you to obtain higher revenues. The product highlights:

  • Unrivalled high capacity close to 700 tires per day
  • Improved tire quality resulting in largely reduced number of rejects and scrap reduction
  • Higher automation level, less operator interferences
  • Increased revenues
  • Prepared for integration in Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Configured to your specific requirements, the MILEXX will allow you to produce truck tires according to the strictest specifications. The process itself is highly flexible and reliable and takes up as little floor space as possible.

VMI-TIRE-MILEXX green tire

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