December 12th, 2013

Next Generation Tire Building – VMI’s MAXX ActiZones

VMI ActiZones foto

EPE, The Netherlands

VMI has launched the next generation of its award-winning MAXX® tire
building machines – the MAXX ActiZones. For “hands-off, eyes-off” tire building, MAXX is VMI’s high-end solution. This next generation of MAXX uses advanced technology to meet the demands of the tire industry for greater automation, flexibility, output and operator safety.

“The MAXX ActiZones is a tour de force of integrating leading-edge technology with VMI’s fifty years of expertise in tire building machines. It is a robust state-of-the-art tire building solution, aimed directly at the sophisticated requirements of today’s tire manufacturers,” said Jan Grashuis, Director R&D at VMI.

That technology includes the latest generation of safety PLCs and drives with “safe torque” and “safe speed” features. They allow the machine to be operated in new ways without compromising safety. The MAXX ActiZones safety system can easily be checked and corrected by the operator. Safety zones are segmented, so when an operator enters the machine only his working area is affected and the rest of the machine continues to function. This increases output and makes traditional safety systems “old school.”

The new generation of MAXX can run in fully automated mode, or, for example, if a new tire is being developed and fine-tuned it can permit seamless operator intervention. The ease of operator intervention makes the new MAXX machine suitable for a wider range of applications. With robotized bead loading and green tire removal, plus quick code-change and size-change times, typical daily production is 2000 tires.

The MAXX ActiZones tire building machine was developed at VMI’s research facility in Epe.

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