February 8th, 2013

Award: Innovation of the Year


VMI wins the Award for Manufacturing Innovation of the year 2013.

At the Gala event of the Tire Technology Expo in Cologne, the Innovation and Excellence Awards were presented.

For the second time in the five year history of this award, VMI proudly received the Tire Manufacturing Innovation Award. This time for its latest innovation: the FLEXX Belt Maker.

VMI’s  new FLEXX Belt Maker produces high quality belts in a very flexible and cost effective way. It utilizes an extrusion process rather than calendering. The FLEXX combines the latest and most advanced technologies in motion, cutting, vision and extrusion. The use of gear pump extruder technology ensures dimensionally stable and accurate strip production, needed for ultra high quality splices.

Some judges’ quotes:

“With a more flexible and economical approach to tire manufacturing, FLEXX Belt Maker opens up opportunities for the tire industry to supply its customers with optimized tire designs at a lower cost and shorter lead time, resulting in gains for both manufacturer and consumer.”
Henning Olsson, Engineer, OptimumG

“The VMI FLEXX Belt Maker combines state-of-the-art advances in disparate components of tire manufacturing technology (such as gear pump assisted cord-rubber extrusion and optical imaging splice control) while potentially producing more uniform belt plies both in-line with tire building equipment, or off-line, without the major expense of a calender.”
Joe Walter, Adjunct professor, mechanical engineering, University of Akron, USA




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