July 1st, 2014

Team VMI Performs Well in Roparun 2014

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Over the 7–9 June long weekend in the Netherlands, a team of 19 VMI colleagues (8 runners with a support crew of 11) participated in the 23rd Roparun* – a relay race of 520 kilometers from Paris to Rotterdam. Team VMI covered the distance in 40.5 hours, which works out to almost 13 kilometers per hour. Out of the 230 teams that left from Paris, Team VMI finished in 14th place – a result to be proud of, especially since this team was making the run for the first time!

The good cause
In addition to team competitions, the run is a way to raise money for people suffering from cancer. Roparun Foundation does not focus so much on supporting research into the fight against cancer as it does on supporting all kinds of projects to ease the lives of cancer patients – and in that way assist recovery or make the last phase of life as comfortable as possible.

VMI’s contribution
Team VMI made a solid contribution to this good cause. Through various fund-raising activities, the very substantial amount of € 20,700 was raised. As well, several sponsors provided material and resources to make Team VMI’s participation possible. The sponsors and the Team are very grateful to each other.

* Roparun = “Rotterdam Paris run”



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