Top of the RETRAX product range.

  • MCTD extruder
  • High torque variable speed to ensure optimal cushion application
  • Separate control screen
  • Fed by 50x8mm strip

Power and performance in perfect balance

Option 1: as pure a cushion gum applicator, the RETRAX 6011 can retread up to about 240 tire carcasses in an 8 hour shift.

Option 2: Fixed stitcher with servo-driven wheel hub added, which enables it to be used for manual pre-cured tread application and automatic stitching. With this configuration the system can produce up to 120 retreads per 8 hour shift.

Option 3: Complete with cushion gum extruder, fully automatic tread applicator and automatic stitching. Both tread application and stitching (rolling) can also be installed on this machine. This allows for up to 165 retreads per 8 hour shift.


Extruder MCTD screw
Extruder drive High torque variable speed
Only cushion gum: max. 240 tires / 8 hour shift
Cushion gum, manual tread appl. and automatic stitching max. 120 tires / 8 hour shift
Cushion gum, fully automatic builder and stitcher max. 165 tires / 8 hour shift
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