Silicone including medical applications

silicone-including-medical-applicationsVMI’s Combex extruder gear pump systems are often used for silicone rubber extrusion applications such as straining, preforming or extrusion of a medical tube. In addition specially designed systems for easy and quick cleaning are available. For such units the gear pump and the head are mounted on a separate cart. It can be released from the single screw extruder within 2 minutes and replaced by a second ´clean´ gear pump – head cart.

While the line is back up and running full production, the used gear pump – head cart system can be completely disassembled for cleaning and re-assembled for the next run as required by production schedule.

Additionally, quick release solutions are available for the screw and the feed roll to enable shortest downtime for complete cleaning in case of compounds where absolutely no cross contaminations are allowed.

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