High precision extrusion


VMI extruder gear pump systems are used in different types of extrusion applications, where precision of the extrusion product is a major requirement.

The extrusion system can be fitted with a variety of extrusion heads to meet the specific requirements. The cross head can either be equipped with a round extrusion die for tube covering or a rectangular extrusion die for belt strip extrusion. The configuration can also include vacuum screw and barrel set up, in case the extrusion system is placed in front of a salt bath or hot air line. The availability of small and large scale extruder gear pump systems makes it possible to make the right configuration for each situation.

Because of the linear gear pump technology and precise output characteristics, extrusion tolerances can be decreased and a significant reduction of the scrap rate can be realized. Additionally, the linear output behavior of the gear pump enables predictable line speeds of the extrusion system and an easy integration with the downstream equipment. This is not only the case for a continuous run, but also in startup and slow down a perfect calibration between the extrusion system and the downstream line is obtained.

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