Hot and cold feed straining


VMI Rubber offers reliable straining systems which will save money by filtering contaminations from your compound and thus reducing scrap. Our gear pump systems are fed by a single screw extruder that allows processing of compounds with a very high viscosity.

The separately driven single screw extruder provides the needed plasticization for every compound viscosity. It also lowers the costs on spare parts, since well plasticized compounds result in long life time for your gear pump and bearings.

The screw delivers the rubber, free of entrapped air, to the gear pump at an adjustable pump inlet pressure. Fine mesh straining, up to 180 mesh, is possible with our system. The gear pump is able to build up pressures up to 500 bar on compounds.

Next to this, the system reduces compound scrap by using our unique hydro dynamical gear pump bearings without rubber leakage. The easy access between gear pump and screw allow for trouble-free maintenance and cleaning.

Quick filter changes, fast cleaning
Hydraulically operated rapid screen changer brings a new mesh in operation within less than 30 seconds, while scrap is significantly reduced to only the rubber that sticks in the strainer cassette – recommended for long runs of the same compound.

With a hydraulically operated twin strainer head it is possible to change a filter in about 90 seconds. This includes a clean-out of the complete head assembly with die set-up – recommended for frequent compound changes.

Also, manually operated strainer heads are available for our strainers. These heads are operated by lever clamps and are available in diameters between 168 mm and 250 mm.


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