Rubber stacking


Wide variety of stackers

When you discuss your manufacturing needs with VMI, we will assist you with the right choice of stacker – to be used at the end of tunnel and cantilever batch-offs.

MHD III Cutter Stacker – for slab, sheet and strip
The patented high-speed MHD III is our most flexible and sophisticated stacker, and stacks into boxes as well as on pallets.

RCP Stacker – for wide slabs
Developed using superior technology, for precision stacking of very wide slabs up to 1200mm.

HP Cutter Stacker – for slabs and sheets
Used for fully-automatic stacking of slabs on flat pallets, with an integrated sheet cutter.

MHD 500 Stacker – for strips and small slabs
For use in combination with our cantilever batch-off, combining a wide range of stacking options with high-speed strip stacking.

WWE Stacker – for small strips
For stacking of one or two strips (max. 200mm wide) into one or two boxes. Options include three strip stacking.

PWW – for slabs
A pendulum stacker that deposits slabs onto pallets.


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