VMI History

With a series of old lathes, a small miller, a reliable welder and a metal saw, Mr. J. F. H. de Lange founded the Veluwsche Machine Industry company in basic surrounding on 13th August 1945. Through a connection with the Dutch Railways, Mr. De Lange initially specialized in repair and small construction work before expanding into manufacturing VMI’s product range for the rubber and tire industries since the early 1960’s. In due course VMI also expanded into manufacturing and sales of can washers for the international can production industry and in the past decades this service has experienced significant ongoing growth. VMI’s business proved so successful that in the 1980’s a second production facility was opened in America followed by additional sites in China in the 1990’s and recently in Brazil. The VMI Group currently employs over 1200 personnel on a global basis.



VMI archieffoto 1950



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