Vision, Mission and Strategy

The VMI Group’s Mission, Vision and Strategy

As the proven market leader in the professional supply and service of quality machinery for the tire and rubber industry, as well as can washers for the can industry and Product Handling Equipment, VMI constantly strives for ‘Operational Excellence’ in all its services with the dedicated objective of providing genuine ‘added value’ to its global customer base.

At the same time, in terms of business performance, VMI focuses on maintaining ongoing growth and a healthy profit which is guaranteed through the following company objectives.

  • Constant product innovation and development
  • Enthusiastic and motivated employees within a professional organization
  • Flexible production facilities and services on a global basis
  • A firm promise of total reliability to customers

In effect, VMI prides itself on being totally committed to the supply of innovative and professional machinery and services so that customers are able to enjoy a trading profit.

The VMI Vision:

The VMI Group wants to excel in research, development and supply of high quality machinery and services in the global market with minimum lead times and against competitive pricing to ensure its customers take maximum advantage of their relationship with VMI.

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