Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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VMI Group Corporate Social Responsibility

As an international technology business, VMI Group wants to help build sustainable society. This means that we assess every business decision and every business practice not only for impact on profitability, but also for impact on stakeholders, people, planet and positioning. VMI’s professionalism means that we take Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) seriously, as an immediate and long-term priority.


VMI dialogues with and creates value for its stakeholders.

VMI speaks regularly with its stakeholders, such as suppliers and customers. In addition, VMI has identified other stakeholders whom we consider strategic to VMI’s interests and with whom we confer frequently. We have defined these groups of stakeholders as strategic because of either their impact on VMI or VMI’s impact on them. By entering into a dialogue with them, we can share our vision, policy, strategy and expectations, and test these with a view to refinement. Our starting point is always that we want to create value for our stakeholders. We use their input to improve our organization.


VMI assesses the impact of its business decisions and business practices on people inside and outside the organization.

The quality of both the organization and its employees is a decisive factor in the success and growth of VMI. We set high standards for our employees – all of whom have a clear idea of what is expected of them, how to contribute actively and how to improve continuously. VMI’s Code of Conduct mandates how employees are to conduct themselves in a variety of situations. VMI communicates its CSR policy to its employees.

It is also VMI’s duty to be a good employer. VMI feels responsible for its employees. We provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment: e.g., well-equipped ergonomic work stations, and support of an external company doctor and physiotherapist providing on-call treatment and advice. We regularly advise employees on safety measures to prevent accidents. We also provide excellent opportunities for personal development and growth. Every year, employees in various disciplines follow training programs. VMI provides a secure environment for employees’ data.

We optimize our production facilities via insulation and solar panels. These measures save energy and provide a pleasant working environment.

VMI respects the culture and customs of the locales in which we conduct business, without losing sight of our own objectives and values.

One way in which VMI manifests its commitment to social responsibility is by participating frequently in charity sports events.


VMI is concerned about the environment and climate, and the impact of its business decisions and business practices on the natural environment.

VMI feels responsible for its environment and therefore implements ISO 14001 environmental management systems. Our environment policy is designed to achieve continuous improvement in minimizing our burden on the environment. As part of that, we take measures to save energy: e.g., improving facilities insulation, and installing motion detectors to turn off unnecessary lighting.

We are in continual contact with our neighbors regarding embedding our future expansions into the natural environment.

Our operational excellence program focuses on the use of raw materials and on reducing waste and errors in the production process. We assess our business practices for their impact on the environment. VMI seeks to develop products that are environmentally friendly.


VMI seeks profit while accepting responsibility for the impact of its business decisions and business practices on people and the planet.

Profit is a precondition for VMI’s continuity. We continually measure our objectives for profit, and adjust them where necessary. VMI’s innovative strength is a cornerstone of its future profit.

VMI seeks mutual benefit from being established in Epe. We prefer to work with local suppliers. With 800 employees, VMI is Epe’s largest employer, offering employment in a clean, quality industry. VMI also offers jobs to a number of people who are distanced from the labor market.


VMI maintains its place and distinctiveness in the business world, and safeguards its good reputation.

VMI conducts its business according to the principles of honesty, integrity and transparency. We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding unethical business behavior and we expect our suppliers to follow the same standards.

We know what our customers want, and constantly try to exceed customer expectations by offering best-in-class solutions.

VMI regards CSR as an important and integral part of its business and, in its own responsible way, VMI intends to continue contributing significantly toward sustainable society. We will continue current relevant CSR programs, and will intensify them as necessary to reflect CSR principles. VMI encourages its employees to think of sustainable business practices with enthusiasm and as standard.


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