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VMI Group

The European headquarters of VMI are secluded between the sprawling farms adjacent to the beautiful Zuuker water mill on the outskirts of Epe. In these attractive and tranquil rural surroundings over 800 personnel concentrate on the professional task of manufacturing technologically superior and complex high quality production machinery for amongst others the global tire industry….

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VMI History

With a series of old lathes, a small miller, a reliable welder and a metal saw, Mr. J. F. H. de Lange founded the Veluwsche Machine Industry company in basic surrounding on 13th August 1945. Through a connection with the Dutch Railways, Mr. De Lange initially specialized in repair and small construction work before expanding…

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Vision, Mission and Strategy

The VMI Group’s Mission, Vision and Strategy As the proven market leader in the professional supply and service of quality machinery for the tire and rubber industry, as well as can washers for the can industry and Product Handling Equipment, VMI constantly strives for ‘Operational Excellence’ in all its services with the dedicated objective of…

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Click here to open the CSR annual report 2016 VMI Group Corporate Social Responsibility As an international technology business, VMI Group wants to help build sustainable society. This means that we assess every business decision and every business practice not only for impact on profitability, but also for impact on stakeholders, people, planet and positioning….

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