March 25th, 2015

Handover of New VMI Group R&D and Engineering Office


To mark the occasion of the handover of the new office space atop Hall 5, on Friday 20 March a breakfast was served to management of VMI Group, management of construction firm Bouwbedrijf van Norel B.V., architect Mr. Fons van de Poel and those directly involved in the construction. After the signing of handover documents, Mr. Harm Voortman, President & CEO of VMI Group, expressed thanks for the smooth progress of the construction work. From Mr. Van Norel he then received a beautiful photo book with a brief description of the construction process – and a chocolate version of the keys!

The new office space provides a beautiful, modern workplace for 150 to 200 engineers. Delivery of this office space came exactly three months after handover of new production Hall 4, by which 4200 m2 of additional production space was created.




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