January 8th, 2015

Handover of Hall 4 by Koopmans


On 19 December, exactly as planned, Koopmans Bouw handed over the impressive new Hall 4 to VMI Group.

The Record of Handover was signed by Paul Scholten, Project Leader at Koopmans Bouw, and by Cris Bijker of VMI’s Logistics Department. After thanking all employees who contributed to timely completion of this magnificent new Hall, Koopmans’ Managing Director Martin Karsemeijer officially handed over the Hall to VMI. VMI’s President & CEO Harm Voortman then took the floor to express gratitude for this sizable achievement. Construction Supervisor Frank Freriksen was put in the limelight. Mr. Voortman said – “We knew this project was pressured. When VMIers would visit the construction site and ask ‘How’s it going?,’ Frank would reply – ‘The schedule has three minutes to spare!'”

“It is a great achievement for this hall to be completed entirely on time. VMI is growing tremendously, and what we need are reliable partners who understand what we need,” he stated. “Koopmans Bouw and all contractors involved have understood this.” With that,

Mr. Voortman handed Mr. Freriksen a gift in the form of an hourglass, and then had the honor of cutting a cake that was topped with a likeness of the new Hall. After the cake cutting, all attendees were given a tour of the new Hall.





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