July 21st, 2014

CFO of VMI, Auke Dalstra, died in Malaysia Airlines plane crash

IMG_4303Auke Dalstra, CFO of the VMI Group, and his wife Aafke were on board the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. The terrible incident on Thursday 17 July took their lives as they were heading towards their holiday destination.

VMI is shocked by this appalling news. Auke Dalstra was a beloved and well respected member of the Global Management Board of the VMI Group.

Auke Dalstra (50) joined VMI in 2002 as financial director and had several successful positions within the Group. From 2007 till 2009 he was president of VMI Americas in Ohio, USA. In 2010 he was appointed CFO and returned to Holland with his family.

With his drive, superb intelligence, plain honesty and inspiring leadership he played a key role for VMI.  As a warm-hearted and compassionate person, he was confidant and mentor for many employees within the VMI Group.

VMI will be forever grateful to Auke for the many years he served the company and his unique contribution that helped shape VMI into the organization it is today. With the tragic death of Auke Dalstra, VMI lost an important employee, but moreover VMI employees lost a genuine friend who will be greatly missed.

VMI extends its deepest sympathy to the family left behind in sorrow beyond description.


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