November 23rd, 2012

Celebrating the opening of the Technique Academy


On 23 November, some 170 guests attended the official opening of the Technique Academy (de Techniek Academie). Together with his fellow Bernard, guest speaker, Bernand Wientjes, opened the academy with student/employee, Bernard van Leeuwen. The Technique Academy’s modern building was decorated outdoors with banners and enthusiastic texts, with an eye-catching port of balloons in the four colors of the academy at the entrance. It was all part of perfectly organized celebrations.

The Technique Academy
De Technique Academy is an initiative of the Technique Platform of Northwestern Veluwe, a cooperative educational and employment organization. Together, they believe that it is important for more students to follow technical programs, to help increase the number of technicians in the workforce. Many of the guests had been looking forward to the opening for a year. And for a year, many worked very hard to realize this new educational program. The Technique Academy, which positions itself as the region’s work/study program, is ready!

The guests gathered among the machinery as the Technique Academy director, Jacques de Groot, began his speech at precisely 4pm. He thanked the business world, the educators and city/province for creating the basis for the building and the educational program. The Technique Academy is now reality. “In September, 22 students began their education with great enthusiasm,” said Jacques de Groot with much excitement. “I hope that many will follow in the coming years.”

Regional importance
In his speech, Harderwijk city councilman, Mr. Teeninga, stressed the regional importance of the program. The focus is on companies and students in the areas between the four major cities, Apeldoorn, Zwolle, Lelystad and Amersfoort. “Harderwijk is ambitious,” he said. “We want to put this city on the map as the educational center of the Veluwe! The opening of the Technique Academy is a wonderful way to begin.”

Mr. Wientjes, chair of the employers’ organization, VNO-NCW, was invited to declare the academy officially opened, and agreed with the councilman. He praised the initiative, saying how happy he was to witness the opening – considering how many closings he had experienced in recent times. “Time and again, it’s industry that rescues us in times of crisis,” he said. “By choosing technology, we guarantee that our youth has work.” He was also especially pleased to be opening the academy, and expressed his wish that, in the coming years, many more companies will hire graduates of the Technique Academy.

Mr. Wientjes opened the academy together with Bernard van Leeuwen, who is participating in the new program. When they pressed the large red button, a cloud of smoke appeared, and a robot drove four containers filled with Christmas trees and decorators into the building. The academy’s students made the containers as a gift for the organization. Once the lights were turned on in the containers, the opening was official. Then it was time for champagne and snacks – and the perfect opportunity to chat, look around and network.




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