October 3rd, 2016

“Roefel” Day at VMI


28 September 2016

On “Roefel” Day, VMI hosted several groups of students from St. Bernardus elementary school in Epe. “Roefelen” is Flemish, meaning to investigate, to discover or to look around. The goal of Roefel Day is to let children of elementary school age look “behind the scenes” at occupations and work in businesses, stores, associations and organizations in their neighborhood.

VMI considers it important for young children to be brought into contact with technology, to learn how fun technology can be and to see the vocational possibilities in technology. So VMI opened its doors and led the nine- to ten-year-old students through the factory halls. As a conclusion, the students were able to make a small work piece that they proudly showed at the end of their visit. The children (and their accompanying school supervisors) were very enthusiastic!

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