April 8th, 2015

Hoge Weerd School Visits VMI in Technology Week

mooi als eerste foto

During Technology Week, held 23–28 March in the Apeldoorn region, group 7 of Hoge Weerd School took a look at VMI. The children were received in the VMI cafeteria at 10:00, and in a brief presentation got an image of the company and the market in which VMI operates.

Guided tour
The group then split into three and followed a guided tour of the factory. The children and counselors could hardly believe their eyes! The highlight of the tour was a running machine on which tires are built. The children found this process especially interesting. They also asked many questions about the things they saw happen on the machine.

Positive perceptions of technology
VMI considers it important to bring children into contact with technology at an early age. By opening its doors for primary school groups during Technology Week, VMI wants to contribute to positive perceptions of technology. VMI hopes these initiatives will lead to that, so in the future more children will choose a technical education and a technical vocation.

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