April 4th, 2014

Technology Week 2014

Techniekweek 2014 2

On 25 and 27 March, within the framework “Technology Week Municipality of Epe,” VMI again welcomed two primary school classes.

Technology Week Municipality of Epe is an initiative of “Technology Platform Municipality of Epe,” in which technology companies, the municipality of Epe, primary education and Public Comprehensive School North-east Veluwe work closely together.

In Technology Week, schools get working on a variety of technical projects, and this year building a bridge was at the center of things. Another part of Technology Week is a company tour. This year, VMI hosted group 8 from De Hoge Weerd School and group 7 from De Gildeschool, both from Epe. The Week concluded with an Open Evening on 31 March at Public Comprehensive School North-east Veluwe. There, the children and their parents could admire the work pieces that had been made, and they could get acquainted with the companies which had participated in Technology Week.

During their visit to VMI, the children were brought to the cafeteria and given a presentation about VMI. Next, the children went in groups on a factory tour, under the supervision of three VMIers. For many of the children, it was their first time walking around in a “real” business – and they could not believe their eyes! The children were very enthused about the machines and also about the computers with 3D drawings.

To end the tour, the children were given the opportunity to get rid of some energy at the “VMI basketball game” – a robotic arm equipped with a basketball hoop. The children had to try to throw small straps into the moving hoop, and they quickly got the hang of it!

During the closing in the cafeteria, it was evident that the children had experienced the tour as very positive. Although the disposable earplugs were in great demand by the children, there was much less noise than they had expected. As well, they found the factory to be very clean and tidy. It is to be hoped that these tours have again contributed to casting technology careers in a more positive light.

Techniekweek 2014a

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