March 18th, 2013

Technology Week – Week van de Techniek

Week van de Techniek

The issue currently engaging the whole Netherlands is how to cope with the shortage of well-trained technical personnel – an issue that will increasingly confront businesses over the coming years. VMI feels very involved in this issue, and where it can it offers youth the opportunity to experience what working in technology means. There was plenty of opportunity for this during Technology Week.

Accordingly, on April 8th and 9th VMI opened its doors to the higher primary grades from several of Epe’s schools. In groups, the young people came with their counselors and were received in VMI’s new cafeteria. While the students were enjoying a snack, VMIers gave them a brief description of the company.

This was followed by a tour of the company. With their shrill voices, the groups of children in the factory buildings made an unusual sight for the VMIers. The children were very enthusiastic to see how a tire is built on one of the VMI machines. “How fast it goes! And completely automated in 36 seconds,” wrote one of the students later in an essay about the visit. Other students expressed their enthusiasm as follows – “There was almost no noise, and how beautifully clean it was!” Besides the tire building machine, a machine that packs cookies was also demonstrated. This machine made less impression on the children, but they found the cookies very tasty.

Hopefully, the experiences students gain by visiting a technology company will affect their perception and subsequent educational and career choices. There is reason to think that this is very possible. One student wrote – “I learned a great deal and maybe I will also work here.”

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Week van de Techniek

Week van de Techniek

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