May 5th, 2017

Pieter Zandt Senior High Students Visit VMI Epe

On 2 May, a busload of HAVO 4 students from Pieter Zandt School in Kampen visited VMI Epe. HAVO 4 is Dutch senior general secondary education, grade 4. In particular, it is for orienting students to follow-up studies. These students have physics in their curriculum. They visited VMI to focus on the possibilities for technical follow-up studies after HAVO.

The introductory presentation in VMI’s restaurant focused on that. First, it presented VMI as a company. Then, it presented the various VMI departments, and the possible professions within VMI. We asked the students to think about desired level of education for the various functions. After that introduction, the students formed groups and got a factory tour. Their interest was very high, and we encouraged questions. They could not believe their eyes!

For the closing of their visit, the students returned to the restaurant. “Most worthwhile” was their short evaluation.

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