The cutting edge in cotton pads

Round or square – oval or rectangular. Quality non-woven cotton pads are produced by companies using machinery specially designed by VMI Care. We are the market leader in systems that automatically transform rolls of cotton blankets into a neatly bagged product, ready for sale. With fewer operators required – for more profit per bag.

We base our proven techniques on decades of experience around the world. This means we understand the need for flexible production – and easy operation and maintenance. Our state-of-the-art products also include an embossing system, which not only enhances the appearance of your product – it improves stability, too.

Safety and quality of life for patients with long-term conditions

Patients with long-term conditions need to take complex blends of medications, not simply to prolong life but to ensure highest quality of life. Medical practitioners have long understood the importance of medication adherence.

Yet as medical services around the world come under increasing cost pressure, how can we give patients essential support and guidance while making most efficient use of expensive resources?

VMI has created an automated system that enables pharmacists and caregivers to deliver the best solutions for patients with maximum efficiency and errors reduced almost to zero.

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