Blister lines

blister line

European health services are facing challenges. Budgets are under pressure, while the number of people living with long-term conditions is rising. Ensuring that patients receive exactly the right medication at the right time, day after day is a growing concern. Today, sorting and delivering daily doses for patients takes too long, costs too much and leads to an unacceptably high level of preventable errors.

VMI Daily Dose Pouch Packs make a measurable contribution to resolving these issues, automatically sorting patient medication into easy to carry and easy to use pouch packs containing precisely the right medication for each “intake moment” during every day.

VMI’s system offers proven advantages compared with existing systems:

  • It significantly reduces errors. Errors are difficult to recognize and common in the average “blister tray”, while for VMI’s pouch packs, the error rate is effectively close to zero.
  • It cuts the use of time. The shape of VMI pouches makes them simple to produce and their transparency enables easy inspection of contents. The more complex the mix of drugs in each pouch, the greater the time savings.
  • It considerably reduces labour costs compared to current methods, while enabling skilled personnel to be moved to more productive work at once.
  • The process is largely automated, with smart software enabling fast reconfiguration, track and trace, management information and reducing dependence on human factors.

VMI’s automation technology, backed by real market experience, is shown to improve patient outcomes, ensure full adherence to medical regimes, reduce health service costs and reduce the pressure on healthcare budgets.

Long-term conditions grow, patients live longer and money remains short. Error-free, fast and cost-efficient technology from VMI will make a positive difference to the quality and cost of care.

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