VMI Joiner


Hassle free roll changing

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is perhaps the most important way to measure the efficiency of production equipment. Process automation plays an important part in improving OEE.

To drive continuous improvement in OEE, VMI has developed its new VMI Joiner: an unwinder unit with automatic joiner for cotton web. Placed in front of a Cotton Pad Punching Machine, the VMI Joiner unwinds cotton web rolls and connects them automatically.

The automatic splicing system requires fewer unscheduled stops as there will be less waiting time for connecting the rolls. In addition, the use of tape to connect the two cotton web rolls is no longer necessary, and that eliminates the risk of tape being accidentally included in the final product. Benefits include:

  • Higher OEE (up to 10% increase)
  • No time critical operator intervention during roll change or web breakage on roll
  • No risk of tape ending up in the recycling system
  • No risk of tape ending up in final product
  • Joints can be reused
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