July 14th, 2015

VMI launches new machine for cotton pads


VMI is the world leader in building automated machines for highly efficient production and packaging of cotton pads. VMI’s ACE 500 sets new standards for productivity and consistent quality, offering manufacturers the natural step-up from ACE 400, the current market leader.

ACE 500 is designed for high efficiency production of a single product size, while enabling complete size changes to be managed quickly and without disruption. ACE 500 increases productivity by up to 40%, handling 54 bags per minute, even with 100 pads in each bag.

This unit has a 10 square meter footprint, with no special foundation needed. It’s easy to transport, fitting into a single container, and can be rapidly installed and commissioned. In operation, it has exceptionally low power and compressed air requirements.

The new machine is already becoming well-accepted by industry leaders. Following an early 2014 launch, It’s already up and running at key sites in three different European countries.

ACE 500 is a key example of VMI’s design philosophy, using advanced technology to deliver outstanding levels of automation and ease of use. VMI is an international player in machine automation, a leader in tire building, technical rubber, can-washing and medicine management.

As a global company, VMI provides hands-on support to customers from locations around the world, has real financial stability and is a major innovator, with around 10% of resources devoted to research and development. That’s why VMI customers always stay ahead of the game: innovation and continuous improvement come as standard.

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