April 4th, 2014

VMI CARE develops web un-winder with automatic splicer for the cotton pad industry

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VMI CARE succeeded again in developing a new machine for the cotton pad industry. VMI CARE, the division of VMI Holland BV that specializes in machinery for the cotton pad punching and packaging industry, launched an automatic web un-winder with integrated splicer. The VMI Joiner unwinds cotton web rolls and connects the two cotton rolls automatically.

More automation results in easy operation
The VMI Joiner is part of the successful cotton pad producing machinery range of VMI Holland BV, which includes the ACE 300 and the VMI Profiler. The ACE 300 punches and packs cosmetic cotton pads in a variety of shapes in various bag sizes. The VMI Profiler is an embossing system for making decorative patterns in cotton web. Due to the success of the ACE 300, VMI Holland BV continued to automate the line. The ACE 300 already decreased the need for operators and the addition of the VMI Joiner contributes to this. This means that one operator can easily control two ACE 300 punching & packaging lines.

More advantages
There are more advantages to this innovation. The automatic splicing system entails fewer unscheduled stops as there will be less waiting time for connecting the rolls. Moreover, tape is no longer necessary to connect the two cotton web rolls and therefore the risk that tape will end up in the final product is eliminated. “The VMI Joiner is the next step in automating and improving the complete production chain for cotton pads” says Peter Alink, Sales Manager of the VMI CARE division. “This innovation will lead to a higher net production capacity”.

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