Company profile

Market leader in production machinery

People feel a real pride when they create technical innovations that keep manufacturers ahead in their markets. That’s the passion behind the VMI Group and our work with tires, rubber, cans and care products. And the reason VMI is the market leader in complex production machinery.

Founded at the end of WWII, we began our work helping to rebuild Dutch industry, including the Netherlands’ railways. Manufacturing expanded as we entered the rubber and tire industries in the early 1960s. Can machinery soon followed – a business line that has grown into a leader in the can industry. With such a track record, it’s no wonder our newest business line, VMI Care, has become the market leader in high capacity cotton pad machinery.

Our success is your success

We employ more than 1200 people around the world, with production facilities in the Netherlands, Germany, the USA, China, Brazil and recently Poland. These are people who dedicate constant effort to developing new products and solutions to meet current – and future – manufacturing demands.

So you enjoy fast and efficient production, consistent high quality output and profitable return on your investment. Not just on the nuts and bolts of the machinery – but also with long-term and personal relationships with our team of experts.

Meet the parent

VMI Holland BV is a subsidiary of TKH Group NV (TKH), the parent corporation of an internationally active group of companies specializing in the creation and delivery of innovative telecom, building and industrial solutions.

As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility, VMI follows the policies of TKH. TKH is listed on Euronext Amsterdam as TWEKA.



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